Friday, December 18, 2009

Post Fall 2009 Survey

So, I had survey.  It was ok.  I did not like my critique at first, but after a day of sulking about it I rather much appreciated the insight from other professors outside my major.  My only regret is doing an animatic in the first place.  I also regret taking those headphones out on the first place as well.  OH WELL.  I am in Brooklyn until Sunday and there will be lots of snow coming as well.  I will start posting selected works from this year and the process of them.  Pictures over the holidays will be coming up as well.

Thumbnails Stage

Sketch Stage

In Progress (About 15-25%)

In Progress (About 70-80%)

"Crime and Punishment" Finish

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Survey Eve

Today is the day!  I get my stuff together and tackle a 4' x 8' wall space to get my ass kicked in a critique!  I have only a page to finish on a paper and 15 seconds on an animatic to add.  Other than that I think I am set.  Wish me luck!  Oh, a little sneak peek...

Crime and Punishment

Monday, December 14, 2009

Late Night Posting with Brandon McNeil!

3:21 a.m.  and I am up doing stuff for a class that shouldn't be happening in about 9 hours.  Well, that's what happens when I decide to take Lynne Foster.  I am in the midst of doing a crap-tastic illustration of African queens that I sure hope she does not pick for survey.  I did an illustration earlier in about 8 hours for her that I hope gets picked for it.  I really hate the week leading up to survey.  So much just piles on top of my schedule.  Such crap as an 8-10 page paper I haven't even started.  I'm so frustrated right now about this dumb crap.  The stuff that matters most will not even get any attention until around Tuesday.  I HATE CLASSES THAT DON'T COUNT!!!  I also need the credits for this dumb Anthropology class.  I should pay someone to do my paper.  I honestly would rather focus on more important work.

My survey is Thursday and I am going to be prepared for it no matter what.  I got foam core and cloth so my stuff will look good.  I must return to my slave work.  Good night.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

I am about a week away from survey week.  This is the final working week.  I look forward to ending this chaos I created.  I have made a list of work to do for survey and I am going to buckle down and not return into the light except for class.  Over the past week I went and saw the tree lighting at Rockefellar Center.  I enjoyed whatever bit of it I did, except for the weather and Aretha Franklin.  Angela (girlfriend) had passes to walk around the ice skating rink and on it.  Her father works there and got those passes for us.

I thought the tree would be higher.  I did not like being drenched in rain.  I did not enjoy the country performances.  I did have fun just being there.  I saw Brian Williams, news anchor for NBC Nightly News, come over towards me and wave to the children next to me.  I was stoked because I thought he was going to wave to me.  He was only 9-10 feet in front of me with no one in between us.  I went down into the rink to see Aretha Franklin perform... that sucked.  I was glad she was there, but she SUCKS at lip syncing.  I was disappointed in her.

As of recently it snowed down here for a little bit, but it didn't stick.  The weather has been weird here.  3 days ago it was 64º F and yesterday was around 35º F.  My Thanksgiving was fun.  I had dinner at my Uncle's house.  I ended up having Brandy and eggnog there which sucked because I was hammered the night before celebrating my friend's birthday.  I also seem to have a Mini Cooper replacing my Mountaineer.  It drives awesome.  A girl I used to date sent me a photo of me during a trip to Europe in 2004.  Man... I look skinnier than how I am now!

Monday, November 16, 2009


This weekend was full of procrastination.  I managed to get little done.  However, I had a fantastic sunset and a falcon perched on the balcony attached to the room next to me.


I got none of those snowmen done.  I feel horrible.  I worked on a cover for the school comic Static Fish.  I don't feel good about my work.  I feel bad because I'd try harder if I wasn't so lazy. 

I also hate the fact that everytime I go to IKEA I get either the wrong bulb size or forget the light bulb itself.

Friday, November 13, 2009

ƒ®î∂@¥ †he 13th

I rode to Target today on my bike.  That was the 2nd time here riding my bike anywhere in Brooklyn.  Hurricane Ida was passing by and made it really windy.  The sky was nice a little later from it.

  The internet is not being whompy right now (good...) and I am starting my weekend so we'll see how much I can get done.  I currently have to finish (or nearly finish) a water color illustration.  It is about two African queens that rule the jungle.

November 13, 2009 (FRIDAY THE 13th!)

I had the worst, yet most productive night so far this semester.  I woke up an hour ago (11:10) from a 6 hour sleep because I had been up for like 36 hours. I got most of an illustration out of the way.  Yet, I feel like nothing was accomplished.  The good part is I feel good about this Illustration.

Crime and Punishment (unfinished)

There is a competition for MTV on window shades I will try an do this weekend.  17 window shades are to be illustrated with snowmen.  I do not know details right now, but I can vectorize that.  Halloween was a bust.  Nothing much happened here except a whole lot of parties along Bedford Ave.  I cannot wait for Thanksgiving though.

Pratt is also making me feel dumb with their messing of my internet.  I realized earlier my netgear box was unplugged (during my 36 hour day) and plugged it back in so I could be a tard on the world wide web.  I also tried to help my girlfriend register, but Pratt decided to not allow me to view my information on my classes and tuition.  I hate it when incompetent people decide to mess with the student body.

On a good note the weather here has been nice and fall like.  Hurricane Ida is going to change that with rain though.


Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

I am about to go to a Mastadon/Dethklok concert today!  Wish me luck in not getting the crap beat out of me!  I'll try to take pictures via phone!  Word it for this month is here!!!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28, 2009

Halloween approaches and I have decided that Robert De Niro from "Taxi Driver" is what I'll be for this year.  I have made some changes in my sketches from the last week for an editorial piece on swine flu.  I also fixed my wacom tablet for better usage.  Sketches this blog, but no finishes yet.

improved sketches for this week

sketch from last week

As an added note I also have gone back and edited my past work.  Example (yes I lied about no finishes):

"Little Boy Who Cried Wolf" childrens book spread

Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 2009

Hey everyone.  So good news for America the other day.  The Healthcare bill was passed.  So I am very excited by it.  This also gives me a chance to do an illustration on it.  I also got this cool tic tac toe game from my grandparents:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Midnight-ish update!

My lord!  So I upgraded the blog thing and I can now type in Helvetica!!!  HA HA! I have accomplished the un-do-able.  I completed my illustration in one day!  I started around 2ish?  Had some break around 530 or 6 for dinner and NOW I FINISH!  Sheesh.  I had a bad print but I don't care right now.  Here is my final b+w and color versions!

Sarah Palin's Book Race

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

Illustration is in it's final stages. I have uploaded the final B+W sketch for kicks. I will later today upload the black and white version of the illustration, then later tonight I will upload a color version. I will at some point also upload an illustration from Master Studios class. I have no classes today so I will be working all of today to make sure I get things done. Wish me luck!

Sarah Palin's Race to Finish Her Book (black and white sketch)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visiting Artist

During my Senior Project class today a visiting Illustration Alumni came in another classroom and talked about work/life post Pratt. I got a lot of useful things out of it (such as websites and tips on Art Directors). Here's her website,

She gave out some rather nice business cards and did offer some form of submittions of work for her magazine (or some article she's doing) at some point. She is a nice inspirations for students that are looking to graduate. The only problem I had was how fake she seemed. She sort of cheated in her illustrations like cut and paste pictures and paint over most of them to make an illustration. She also made a comment on one of her things saying it took her about half an hour to do. Other than this I picked up some useful things about getting work and promoting myself from her. So check her out.

(Both images belong to Katelan V. Foisy)
Front and Back of Business card

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11, 2009

So, it's Sunday and I am having issues dealing with Monday classes already. I was not present at the last one because I was sick. I have stuff to do for that class, but I am far from being motivated to do it. I revamped a sketch for Senior Project in Illustrator to make it more clean. With having two Senior Projects a Senior must do two separate things. I am working on an animatic for my other Senior Project. It is based off of an idea I had for a while for a cartoon series. I am using any kind of character I made within the past four years for it and making more for a package. Further more, I want to just get my shit done. It won't finish itself so I might as well not screw around and just work whenever I can.

Sarah Palin's Book Race (working sketch)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

...and more!

So, I must make Sarah Palin as much of a M.I.L.F. as I can and get her likeness down really good. For some reason... Tim did not go for the other illustration. I am really bummed out about that. I mean, for one, how in the heck do you not know what the Louvre looks like? Another thing is how do you not make out what is going on? I am really not liking what happened. I am also posting some older things.

Final Color and Black & White versions of the first project.

Black & White version of previous project (color coming soon!)

I might start posting work outside school. Such stuff as Word its and any thing done for money. Until then... Ciao!

October 8, 2009: Birthday, classes and more!

Hey people. I have been having a good past two weeks. This week seems rather boring. My birthday was this past weekend and I turned 21. What did I do? I got pissed (Scotsman's way of saying drunk) and had fun. I ended up having a fairly good weekend. I am about 9 days away from going to see the Avett Brothers here in Manhattan at Terminal 5. I purchased the tickets last night and got excited about the show. I still need to pick up the new album. My classes have been alright so far. I found my groove in my Senior Projects. The sketches I did for today's class are up at the bottom. I want to do the pyramid ones. That is about Egypt being pissed at the Louvre for not giving back stolen artifacts. The other one is about Sarah Palin finishing her book and getting number 1 in book sales online and at Barnes & Nobel. I enjoy doing political stuff. I will post more stuff when I get the time. I will also be an extra in a video project so I'll link it here when it becomes available.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sept. 15, 2009

I might do this more often. I got an email back from Tim O'Brien. He thinks that my sketch I sent him last night is not working. Ugh! I worked at least 4 hours on it trying to get the likeness of Joe Wilson. What a waste! If this got me any closer to getting the right compsition and all that jazz then maybe it's worth it. I finally got my Anthropology book today. That means I'll be reading tonight and working as well. I can't wait to get this shit done! I'm so busy!!! Ok, time to add sketch 2 to this. It's progress and it should pay off in the end.

Joe Wilson sketch 2

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009

I am at school. I already have a lot of work to do, but I feel like I need to take my time this year and make sure things go right for me. Already having room mate issues. One of them got mad last night over brownies and punched a hole into my bathroom door and shattered a beer bottle all over the bathroom. I need this shit to end quick. I am emailing a sketch that will hopefully be approved of Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina yelling at President Barack Obama saying, "You lie" in a game of Bullshit. I find it humorous. I feel like I should add on more, but I just want to email it so I'm not late. I'd rather be not late than be late. Yeah, so I was asked to join a Fraternity as well. I think not. As much as I like having friends I'd rather not pay to have them. My work is far more important to me than gaining new friends.

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009: Day After Father's Day

Happy belated Father's Day to all the fathers out there. I am writing this at 3:25 a.m. My summer is chugging along. I have no current employment and am no longer seeking a "job" for the summer. I am still willing to look for commission type jobs that do not require me to attend a work place for more than a couple months. The economic down fall has kept not only me but many from having a normal summer. I have recieved word from a friend that we, and possibly one more, might be working on a project involving a new attraction in Disney World. This is both exciting and good for me. The details right now are; I am illustrating conceptual landscape/architecture; my friend is creating a storyline and making a layout of the attraction; I might be working with one other illustrator. The whole concept is a new country in Epcot, Greece. Our theme is possibly something to do with ancient Greece and Mt. Olympus. I am quite excited.

There is another project with a different friend though. He and a couple of friends are making a script/story of a Marvel comics character, Dead Pool. I was asked if I would be interested in possibly illustrating the story in comic form. Of course I am. The problem? I am to draw Americanized comics like what DC and Marvel comics look like. I tend to take my time with things like that. I am also not getting paid. I have not seen the story. I should at least come up with conceptual character sketches. The story (I will be brief) is about Dead Pool obtaining Cletus Cassidy's symbiote, Carnage. Cassidy must get Eddie Brock (who is Anti-Venom in this storyline) to help get back Carnage because Cassidy is the only one that knows how to control the symbiote. Dead Pool just assumes Carnage is only another voice in his head. This idea is great, but I really want to read how it goes so I know how to draw it.

I will be attending a few concerts next month. Staind is having a concert with Sum 41, Shinedown, Chevell, The Offspring and another band I forgot. That is July 12. I will also be seeing The Avett Brothers twice toward the end of the month. The show on the 30th is free, but they also play in Syracuse (my hometown, where I am right now) the next day. I am also expecting to catch a friend's show in late August down on Long Island. Busy, busy summer. I have yet to crack open my oils to work on a couple of portraits. I also have watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on youtube and don't know why Fox canceled a good show. Sure, all if not most of the terminator fights were just pushing and shoving, but the show really helped expand the Terminator universe with a bigger cast of characters than the movies. It's too bad the movies didn't follow the show. It was really interesting how the second season ended.

'Little Boy Who Cried Wolf' - 2008

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Above images are tablet drawings done on both Facebook graffiti application and photoshop respectively.

I have been out of school for about a few weeks. It's hard to get a job here because of this shit economy. I have been slowly progressing in doing anything artistic because of my attention span. I will be seeing a bunch of shows this summer. More than usual. I feel like I am a defected art student because of my lack of; skill in getting a job: finding commission work: my utter laziness. I fear failure very bad. I have been using my tablet in the past week and got somewhat better with it. I haven't used it before this week since last fall. All of my friends either have a job or an internship. I feel horrible when I think about that. Sometimes I just want to do a meaningless job like being a groundskeeper or stack shelves just so I don't have to be based off skill all the time. My opinion on the intern matter is that I lack skill and fear I won't get into any because I will be unwanted. It's not fair. The only thing that would make me quit art is if Arianne got one before I do. My brother's birthday is the day after tomorrow and I haven't done anything for him yet. This is a self loathing post if you haven't noticed yet. I just want school to start again so I can improve beyond belief. I am now reading Jurassic Park because I just finished the previous book I read, Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz. I feel like reading all summer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009

Hey people. I have been lurking around campus for the past month. Spring has come back. my favorite season has returned indeed. I will find out Friday if I get either job for next year (RA and Orientation Staff Member). I have super good news. I am finally doing what I have been waiting for for 8 years. I am finally going to put Max down in ink form and give him life! Max is a character I made up since the eighth grade. I have doodled him constantly for so long and now I have the chance to bring him to reality and characterize him fully. I am excited to start! I am also excited that my Spring Break starts tomorrow at 12:30 pm! I will be here in Brooklyn for my whole break and get to see Angela (girlfriend) for more than just a 2 day period! During that Time I will pencil Max's comic out, that is after creating a story and story board for it. I will also be working heavily on a children book that I have been neglecting for the past few weeks. As for big news, I got meal plan money for my card. No more getting money out of my account.

Harmony, 2008.(Some oldish work for your viewing pleasure)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feb. 1st, 2009

So, this semester is turning out better than the last. I have a way better Illustration teacher. His name is Eric Palma and I suggest you look him up. I can relate to his work in a way. I am pretty interested in the R.A. position for next year and look foward to the connections class again. I have planned to an extent what I want to do for the next 6 or so months. I will take classes in the summer to lighten my load next semester and maybe be an R.A. over summer to prepare for the following semester. Amazing. I have been told from various sources the ups and downs of the job.
#1: I will be getting a free room
#2: The job will take up some of my free time
#3: I will be responsible for people on my floor and events made for it
#4: I will not encourage underage drinking
#5: I must help anyone that asks for it

There is more, but I'm in for the responsibility and getting involved with everyone parts. Money from the job is nice, but that is the least important part of the job. So in light of all of this I decided to download the Naruto: Shippuuden episodes from 1 to 76. I have to say, I haven't laughed as hard as I did today with it. Also I have taken a liking to Ink drawing and location drawing. I will update and post a page with the finished work whenever I get to it. In the mean time... Yamato has something to say.

"Is something wrong?"