Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visiting Artist

During my Senior Project class today a visiting Illustration Alumni came in another classroom and talked about work/life post Pratt. I got a lot of useful things out of it (such as websites and tips on Art Directors). Here's her website,


She gave out some rather nice business cards and did offer some form of submittions of work for her magazine (or some article she's doing) at some point. She is a nice inspirations for students that are looking to graduate. The only problem I had was how fake she seemed. She sort of cheated in her illustrations like cut and paste pictures and paint over most of them to make an illustration. She also made a comment on one of her things saying it took her about half an hour to do. Other than this I picked up some useful things about getting work and promoting myself from her. So check her out.

(Both images belong to Katelan V. Foisy)
Front and Back of Business card

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