Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009: Birthday, classes and more!

Hey people. I have been having a good past two weeks. This week seems rather boring. My birthday was this past weekend and I turned 21. What did I do? I got pissed (Scotsman's way of saying drunk) and had fun. I ended up having a fairly good weekend. I am about 9 days away from going to see the Avett Brothers here in Manhattan at Terminal 5. I purchased the tickets last night and got excited about the show. I still need to pick up the new album. My classes have been alright so far. I found my groove in my Senior Projects. The sketches I did for today's class are up at the bottom. I want to do the pyramid ones. That is about Egypt being pissed at the Louvre for not giving back stolen artifacts. The other one is about Sarah Palin finishing her book and getting number 1 in book sales online and at Barnes & Nobel. I enjoy doing political stuff. I will post more stuff when I get the time. I will also be an extra in a video project so I'll link it here when it becomes available.

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