Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009: Day After Father's Day

Happy belated Father's Day to all the fathers out there. I am writing this at 3:25 a.m. My summer is chugging along. I have no current employment and am no longer seeking a "job" for the summer. I am still willing to look for commission type jobs that do not require me to attend a work place for more than a couple months. The economic down fall has kept not only me but many from having a normal summer. I have recieved word from a friend that we, and possibly one more, might be working on a project involving a new attraction in Disney World. This is both exciting and good for me. The details right now are; I am illustrating conceptual landscape/architecture; my friend is creating a storyline and making a layout of the attraction; I might be working with one other illustrator. The whole concept is a new country in Epcot, Greece. Our theme is possibly something to do with ancient Greece and Mt. Olympus. I am quite excited.

There is another project with a different friend though. He and a couple of friends are making a script/story of a Marvel comics character, Dead Pool. I was asked if I would be interested in possibly illustrating the story in comic form. Of course I am. The problem? I am to draw Americanized comics like what DC and Marvel comics look like. I tend to take my time with things like that. I am also not getting paid. I have not seen the story. I should at least come up with conceptual character sketches. The story (I will be brief) is about Dead Pool obtaining Cletus Cassidy's symbiote, Carnage. Cassidy must get Eddie Brock (who is Anti-Venom in this storyline) to help get back Carnage because Cassidy is the only one that knows how to control the symbiote. Dead Pool just assumes Carnage is only another voice in his head. This idea is great, but I really want to read how it goes so I know how to draw it.

I will be attending a few concerts next month. Staind is having a concert with Sum 41, Shinedown, Chevell, The Offspring and another band I forgot. That is July 12. I will also be seeing The Avett Brothers twice toward the end of the month. The show on the 30th is free, but they also play in Syracuse (my hometown, where I am right now) the next day. I am also expecting to catch a friend's show in late August down on Long Island. Busy, busy summer. I have yet to crack open my oils to work on a couple of portraits. I also have watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on youtube and don't know why Fox canceled a good show. Sure, all if not most of the terminator fights were just pushing and shoving, but the show really helped expand the Terminator universe with a bigger cast of characters than the movies. It's too bad the movies didn't follow the show. It was really interesting how the second season ended.

'Little Boy Who Cried Wolf' - 2008

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Above images are tablet drawings done on both Facebook graffiti application and photoshop respectively.

I have been out of school for about a few weeks. It's hard to get a job here because of this shit economy. I have been slowly progressing in doing anything artistic because of my attention span. I will be seeing a bunch of shows this summer. More than usual. I feel like I am a defected art student because of my lack of; skill in getting a job: finding commission work: my utter laziness. I fear failure very bad. I have been using my tablet in the past week and got somewhat better with it. I haven't used it before this week since last fall. All of my friends either have a job or an internship. I feel horrible when I think about that. Sometimes I just want to do a meaningless job like being a groundskeeper or stack shelves just so I don't have to be based off skill all the time. My opinion on the intern matter is that I lack skill and fear I won't get into any because I will be unwanted. It's not fair. The only thing that would make me quit art is if Arianne got one before I do. My brother's birthday is the day after tomorrow and I haven't done anything for him yet. This is a self loathing post if you haven't noticed yet. I just want school to start again so I can improve beyond belief. I am now reading Jurassic Park because I just finished the previous book I read, Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz. I feel like reading all summer.