Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

I am about a week away from survey week.  This is the final working week.  I look forward to ending this chaos I created.  I have made a list of work to do for survey and I am going to buckle down and not return into the light except for class.  Over the past week I went and saw the tree lighting at Rockefellar Center.  I enjoyed whatever bit of it I did, except for the weather and Aretha Franklin.  Angela (girlfriend) had passes to walk around the ice skating rink and on it.  Her father works there and got those passes for us.

I thought the tree would be higher.  I did not like being drenched in rain.  I did not enjoy the country performances.  I did have fun just being there.  I saw Brian Williams, news anchor for NBC Nightly News, come over towards me and wave to the children next to me.  I was stoked because I thought he was going to wave to me.  He was only 9-10 feet in front of me with no one in between us.  I went down into the rink to see Aretha Franklin perform... that sucked.  I was glad she was there, but she SUCKS at lip syncing.  I was disappointed in her.

As of recently it snowed down here for a little bit, but it didn't stick.  The weather has been weird here.  3 days ago it was 64º F and yesterday was around 35º F.  My Thanksgiving was fun.  I had dinner at my Uncle's house.  I ended up having Brandy and eggnog there which sucked because I was hammered the night before celebrating my friend's birthday.  I also seem to have a Mini Cooper replacing my Mountaineer.  It drives awesome.  A girl I used to date sent me a photo of me during a trip to Europe in 2004.  Man... I look skinnier than how I am now!

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