Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13, 2009 (FRIDAY THE 13th!)

I had the worst, yet most productive night so far this semester.  I woke up an hour ago (11:10) from a 6 hour sleep because I had been up for like 36 hours. I got most of an illustration out of the way.  Yet, I feel like nothing was accomplished.  The good part is I feel good about this Illustration.

Crime and Punishment (unfinished)

There is a competition for MTV on window shades I will try an do this weekend.  17 window shades are to be illustrated with snowmen.  I do not know details right now, but I can vectorize that.  Halloween was a bust.  Nothing much happened here except a whole lot of parties along Bedford Ave.  I cannot wait for Thanksgiving though.

Pratt is also making me feel dumb with their messing of my internet.  I realized earlier my netgear box was unplugged (during my 36 hour day) and plugged it back in so I could be a tard on the world wide web.  I also tried to help my girlfriend register, but Pratt decided to not allow me to view my information on my classes and tuition.  I hate it when incompetent people decide to mess with the student body.

On a good note the weather here has been nice and fall like.  Hurricane Ida is going to change that with rain though.


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