Friday, April 30, 2010

Beginning of the End///April 30, 2010

It has begun. I have a list of things I need to do before the big bang on Wednesday, May 5th. I just might have a good survey this year. Here we go:

•Finish the last two illustrations for the Odd Thomas series.

•Fix any and all editorial illustrations.

•Finish my website by May 8th along with fixing the other two projects from Webdesign.

•Get either promo or business cards.

•figure out my situation for a website.

•Scan and Print anything needed to be resized.

This is it folks. The list shall be in my room daunting my presence on a dry erase board until I clear them all.

In other news, I might change my blog theme from the Pratt Nest to a different name (and maybe appearance too) because I will no longer be attending Pratt. Therefor the name would not make sense and I would need a change to reflect my change in environment. Hopefully the next title will stick for a while. Here are possible titles:

Innovative Imagery
Clever Conception
Prolific Parable
Euphemistic Elucidation
Shrewd Sketch
Dastardly Design
Canny Composition

Now for my section relating to my experiences in college.  I have always found that, as a student, there are two ways of getting money.  You work for it and you have your parents supply you.  Me being in the later position up until recently, I never enjoyed the comments received by people about my financial situation in life.  Some people make stuff like this so Black and White.  In this situation, rich or poor.  I am not going to dive into my situation, but I find it reasonably alright to ask your parents for money when you need it.  Every student does this and there is no exception.  I was forced to think differently for a while because certain people put into my head that I had an unfair advantage.  I believed that most college kids struggle all the time to obtain money to stay in college and no one relied solely on their parents to fully pay for the tuition.  I have come to accept that there is more to it than that.  Everyone comes from a wide variety of financial backgrounds and not everyone has trouble getting the money to pay for college.

Another thing, the money a student uses during the school year goes into several things that I can sum up into a few categories: entertainment, booze, supplies and food.  As you'd think food might go into supplies, but food is more necessary to survive on than the rest.  Entertainment consists of us paying to go somewhere or pay for items that aren't school related (dvds, games, nerf guns, etc.).  Booze is self explanitory.  Supplies are stuff needed for school (books, art supplies, computer, clothes are debatable, etc.).  Lastly, Food is completely required to buy.  Whether you need it then or not you pay for it.

All of this spending bites you in the ass at the end of the four years though.  Debt is something very serious.  Although I have not experienced it yet, debt is a brutal bitch that divorced you last week and took not only your house, but your favorite dog, Doby, along for the ride to a new marriage (probably that damned doctor she sees when she "feels deathly ill").  Anyway, it's something that you'd need to get used to quickly and pay off slowly so you don't run the risk of not having enough money to live.  So, take your time and don't panic when the bank sends you bills regarding loans quicker than you think.  You've got more to panic about I imagine (like getting a job and holding it for more than a couple months or paying rent for that apartment in Williamsburg, you filthy hipster.)

MEANWHILE, I have already started to frame my illustrations and am coming to an end in designing my website.  I need to get a domain name very soon so clients can view my glorious gallery of sweetness.  Here's a little eye candy for you...

Media Portrayal of Video Games
(fixed the blood, before my professor said, "it looks like a trigger and that makes it look awkward."  I also want to do a series of these involving controllers dripped in blood or similar situations)

Flashlight Guy
Based off of "Odd Hours" by Dean Koontz
(need to fix the wall, make it look characteristic with cracks and marks)


I have another illustration coming up.  It's about Kids confusing medicine for candy.

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