Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grad Fair///April 29, 2010

So, today is the final day of my last Senior Project/illustration class.  Do I feel excited?  Perhaps.  I pulled an all-nighter and my morning class was canceled.  That means I'll be able to nap perhaps before class.  Afterwards I will be at the graduation fair.  HOORAH!  I also have done some thinking about my college experience in the last 4 years of my life.  They were a good 4 years.  I don't regret anything about them except my laziness.  If I could I'd go back and do all four all over again!  Except I would try extra hard to succeed.

As my Senior year comes to a close I will attempt to post a blog once a day until day of graduation (contradicting a statement in a previous blog).  I will have something unique for each day I hope.  Each one of them will reflect my college experience.  I will also post my finished pieces and survey and graduation ceremony.  Today, I will post a list of "rules" or guide lines for a college student (or soon to be college student).  These are based off my experiences from the past 4 years.


Rules of Being a College Student

In order to successfully survive college you need (or should glance at) these rules:

Know your roommates – Even if you don’t quite know them it always helps if you know the basics about them.   Find out their hobbies and their sleep schedules.  You’ll need to know this kind of stuff so you can work around their time and hopefully don’t piss them off.
          •Assign cleaning duties – if you don’t want friendly critters coming in to steal a snack or don’t want nasty ass mold do yourself a favor and encourage a cleaning schedule.  Your room might smell if you don’t.
          • Sharing is caring – and it can be fun… if they want it to be.  Always ask before your borrow and remember your damn manners!
     •ROOM MATE CONTRACT – make sure everyone is there for it.  Address problems you might see happening in the future and establish rules about certain pet peeves and mention #2.
           •Don’t be afraid to point out something – if it’s wrong or you just can’t stand what your roommate is doing LET HIM/HER KNOW.  They’ll continue to do whatever it is and you’ll get grumpy and bitter about it.
           •Know your RA – Even if you remember his/her name that’s good.  You won’t have to act like a total idiot while trying to remember the name and you’ll establish a good residential relationship with him/her.
          •Personal spaces – establish your area early in the room and let them know you don’t like their rubble pile creeping into your workspace.
     •Manners – even if you don’t like the kid just try to act friendly.  You’ll only be living with them for 1 or 2 semesters.
     •Personal Property – if it’s not yours, don’t fucking take it.  How would you like it if I went and used your shit?

     •Label your booze – Seriously, you might not be the only one drinking in the room.  Tape it with your name or something.  Some drunk, dickhead will mistake it for his/her beer or vodka (whatever you drink).  Then again…
     •HIDE YO SHIT – this is very important for those of you that have a MOOCH living in your presence.  They know that stuff isn’t theirs.  They’ll ask first and if they really want it they’ll take it when you’re not looking.
     •Pick a roommate you trust – friend or no friend, it’s all about whom you’d trust living with you and sharing a living space with.  MOOCHES need not apply, unless you’re into that sort of thing.
     •Facebook – if you have one, good.  If you don’t, get one!  This is vital for knowing what’s going on.  If you want to see what you did when you blacked out or if you want to creep around and stalk people you’ll need this.  Everyone and their mother have one (believe me, my mom has one… and I regretted her knowing I have one).
    •Know your schedule – this should be on the top 5 of this list, but I got lazy.  If you want to succeed in life, go to class on time unless you want to keep paying a shit ton of money to be a freshman forever.

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