Saturday, May 1, 2010

FML///May 1, 2010

I realize today is free comic day.  I missed out on it and that really isn't why I titled this FML.  I went to IKEA today and was denied a purchase I could have made.  I also spent the morning anticipating the arrival of my new room mate's mother so we could go there in her car instead of spending more travel time and spending $2.25 trying to get there.  I was woken up at 9 on top of all that.  That would mean I had 4 hours of sleep.  I just am not having a good day, until about an hour ago.

The architecture building held a bbq and it was free.  FREE FOOD FOR ME!

This brings me to today's topic on my college experience, "finances."  As a student you have to pay for many things.  I find it helpful to get a job on campus so you'd have some money to support yourself.  You'd also never have to go far from the dorms to get that cash money either.  There are also some benefits to this.  You'll learn a bunch of stuff about certain areas of the college.  For example I am a computer lab monitor.  I have to know how to print documents of all sizes, reload paper and ink into the printers and answer dumb questions being thrown at me every time I'm in here.  I learned more about printing and about how the labs work.  You'll also meet people from different majors.

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