Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last Of It All///May 8, 2010

It's late so I want to be brief.  I am almost completely done.  I have scanned and done my survey and everything else.  I am finishing my website up as we speak.  It looks good.  I am going to polish it up after I get graded on it.  Congrats to those who got into the Pratt Show.  My dear friends Christopher, Riva, Jackie and Emily got in.  Good job, you guys deserve it!

Jackie Tribou's Wall

Riva Powers' Wall

Annie Beth Ericsson's Wall

Emily Zier's Wall

Christopher Harrington's Wall

Dan Harlow's Wall

Alexander Doig's Wall

Luke Rotzler's Wall

My wall


Here is the link for the site.  Also, I got an A in Evolution of Sex (HOLY SH*T I GOT AN A) and a B in Senior Project.

I have recently decided to do a series on video game controllers of the current generation.  They'll be much like the one I did a few weeks ago.  I also plan on doing silly things too.  I don't know.  I am completely free now.  College does not affect my sleep schedule anymore!

Monday, May 3, 2010

First Digital Survey for Pratt///May 3, 2010

WOOPS!  I skipped yesterday!  That was for good reason though.  Today marks the first time Pratt (or at least the COMD Department) uses digital projection for survey.  Standing by an unbiased opinion the digital format is good and bad.  While students do not have to worry about how they'll set up their wall they'll also save money by not spending it on stuff like background paper and matting materials.  This is also bad because survey is meant to display your work the way you want to (within your budget, of course).  So, juniors are the only ones doing digital this year as seniors and sophomores will still put up their work matted and pretty.

The pros of this are:

Cost efficiant
Time saving
You are not limited to a certain space
Saves professors time from traveling to each wall
clean looking

Here are the cons:

Each piece must be viewed one at a time
2 minute presentation and 3 minute critique
Due date for a cd of your work to be put onto the screen before survey
No wall, no decorating, no personality
You can't set up and go back to sleep, then come back later to clean up

In my honest opinion, I think it's good that Pratt is going digital, but I think it could be handled better.  After all, they are using the junior class as a test subject in an experiment.

As for the lack of a post yesterday.  I was having a bit of a rough day.  Actually, more like a rough couple of days.  Saturday the bank put a hold on my card for trying to buy a bed frame at IKEA.  Worst timing BoA!  Then I had to put stuff back, couldn't buy food and that was only Saturday.  Sunday I was trying to find scanners to use in the EDS with my friend, Chris, and they were all taken by people not even using them!  That and there were computers without scanners open.  The MCC was like that too, except one room.  they were reject scanners and didn't scan more than 8.5"x11".  Wasn't my weekend.

ALSO, today the gas company came and didn't do anything because I don't have access to the basement of my apartment.  The bar was closed and doesn't open until 6 everyday.  BAH!

Now I am printing on large scale for fun for survey.  Lucky me that I work with large scale printers!  Here are some finished stuff I didn't post yet...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FML///May 1, 2010

I realize today is free comic day.  I missed out on it and that really isn't why I titled this FML.  I went to IKEA today and was denied a purchase I could have made.  I also spent the morning anticipating the arrival of my new room mate's mother so we could go there in her car instead of spending more travel time and spending $2.25 trying to get there.  I was woken up at 9 on top of all that.  That would mean I had 4 hours of sleep.  I just am not having a good day, until about an hour ago.

The architecture building held a bbq and it was free.  FREE FOOD FOR ME!

This brings me to today's topic on my college experience, "finances."  As a student you have to pay for many things.  I find it helpful to get a job on campus so you'd have some money to support yourself.  You'd also never have to go far from the dorms to get that cash money either.  There are also some benefits to this.  You'll learn a bunch of stuff about certain areas of the college.  For example I am a computer lab monitor.  I have to know how to print documents of all sizes, reload paper and ink into the printers and answer dumb questions being thrown at me every time I'm in here.  I learned more about printing and about how the labs work.  You'll also meet people from different majors.