Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Hey there.  I am in the process of doing some illustrations for tomorrow and I might be getting somewhere tonight.  I'll post more about them later tonight as well as the illustration of Clinton in Haiti from last week.  So far I might catch up with Floyd's class, but I seriously need to buckle down for a couple nights and just do them.  No distractions I hope.  I am pretty much getting to a half-way point in my midterm for Webdesign.  The layout changed over night from having a dark grey stage color to just knocking it out to white.  A couple minor changes were made for design purposes and one of the categories is complete.  So far I will have another category or two done by next week (depending on my schedule).  I have a quick and easy illustration on the Toyota recall for thursday that I can punch out on Wednesday.  I also will have a portrait started for the following week.

Not much is going on outside class.  I am looking at apartments for May.  Pratt is boring on terms of things to do.  I went to a cool bar two nights ago called the Alligator lounge.  They serve you beer with a free pizza, which is awesome if you love pizza and are cheap and are stapped for cash.  Their cheapest beer is 4 bucks.  Not bad, but I just took people's pizza because I already had a full bottle of rum before the bar.  Pizza is surprizingly good there too.

I've been looking at websites for ideas of my own and I have picked up quite a bit of good things too!  More on that later in life.

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