Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...And We're Back!///June 16, 2010

It's been a while fellas.  I have been neglecting blogger for too long!  Last post was so long ago that I feel guilty not updating with anything!

Anyways, I've graduated!  Real life has begun and it sort of blows.  I am jobless and living off of borrowed money from parents.  I am also in Brooklyn.  I have been job searching and let me tell you.  Nobody wants to hire a full time they all want part time and are relentless when it comes to people calling back.  I am not enjoying waiting on the one job I am stuck with because it's taking forever for them to call me for a follow up.  I should just call back anyway and ask them what the heck is going on.

I broke down an got an unlimited Metro card the other day.  Feels bad at first, but got better after doing a few trips.  I've visited a few places so far this summer.  Been to a Yankee game, Dead Horse Bay, Rockaway Beach and Staten Island Mall.  Very interesting places.

E3 happened and so many sweet games are coming up.  Totally excited for Portal 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and CoD: Black Ops.  I'm also excited to see the new Twisted Metal that was announced.  I so want to go to an E3 sometime in my life.  I highly doubt I will ever.

Since you can check my site, I'll post some sketches and miscellaneous things instead...

Society of Illustrators Sketch Night

Rockaway Beach

On our way to Dead Horse Bay

Yankees vs Orioles @ Yankee Stadium