Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

I feel disappointed in someone I live with at the moment.  Some people just do things that really bug me and it's not right.  Personal feelings aside I am doing alright.  I am starting a series of illustrations based off of the Odd Thomas series of books by Dean Koontz.  I am still continuing my editorial illustrations in my other Senior Project class.  I will soon have my own website in flash and will post it by May of this year so stick tight people.  I am really getting the hang of this Flash stuff so far and hope to continue to do this stuff further past school.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I haven't updated last week.  Sorry.  Sort of already starting to be inconsistent.  I made this for a history class.

I am off to an alright start for the semester.  I'll come back with more next week I hope.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 - 14 - 2010

IT'S THE NEW YEAR!  It is a joyous time of renew and celebration for getting through the previous year and starting a new one!  I had a nice Christmas with my family and enjoyed being home with friends and celebrating the new year.  I hope you had a good one as well.  I believe everyone has a resolution for the new year.  I made mine to lose weight (hopefully to return to a healthy weight and maybe get a little fit too) and improve my GPA.

This brings me to my next topic.  Goals come in different ways: long term and short term.  Guess what.  I did come up with a few other goals that I might complete quicker than getting rid of 50 pounds.  I plan on having enough consistent work by the end of the semester and I also plan on redoing my ugly, horrific website from Christmas Past (Mike DeCico came to me as a ghost in shackles from his SUNY IT post over break to remind me).  With that complete I will put a link between this blog and the site to keep people updated and to set up a gallery.  I want to also be able to swing this blog into a more professional direction.  That means I am going to edit myself and keep unneeded, personal stuff aside.  I will still update work on here in stages as I have before.

I am also adding a list of things I like to the side and I will try to at least update once a week.

(tried different actions/angles.  picked bottom right.)


(went vertical and simplified environment.)

(tightened drawing up.  As someone once said to me, "A good drawing makes a good painting.")

Body Of Work
(sorry, no painting in progress.  plus I added corner to make it look like a room)